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Hey There!

I help therapists who want to build and grow their practice by providing tools to manage mindset barriers, boundaries, and financial security. I started my own practice fresh out of grad school and understand the fear and imposter syndrome that comes with being your own boss. I also have dabbled in various "side hustles" and know the burnout that occurs when you work more for less. So, if you are just starting out and need help creating your practice, or are secure in your practice but want to expand your sevices, I'm here to help!

Desk Accessories

What to expect...

60min session $100
90min session $150

10% discount on pre-paid sessions of two or more.

We will engage in consistent sessions that focus on short and long-term goals related to growth and balance in your practice. Areas of focus may include financial security, work/life balance, practice setup, diversifying income, and holding boundaries around your values. Most tools will assess mindset and resource barriers with the intention of creating change that aligns with your career goals.

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