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It's time to invest in your wellness!

For Clients

Whether you’re new to therapy, or all too familiar and just need a better fit, I’m glad you’re here. I focus on helping people grow beyond the shame and social expectations that often keep them trapped in unhappy and unfulfilling lives. I work with adults on attachment and relationship issues, body shame and liberation, and managing symptoms of anxiety. If any of this resonates, welcome to the club! (we don’t have member jackets yet)

My clients (and myself) struggle same as you. It’s too difficult these days not to have some form of self-doubt, fear, anger, miscommunication, guilt, and lack of motivation. We are set in a world that is too fast-paced for it’s own good and comes with a slew of problematic systems. The goal of our therapy is to uncover how these larger problems impact your presenting issues and find tools to move forward with a life that aligns with your needs and values.


I support people to:

  • Understand and heal from attachment wounds

  • Shake off shame and self-doubt

  • Find freedom from diet culture and toxic body expectations

  • Manage anxiety symptoms

For Therapists

For those seeking business coaching services, I’m here to help! I have such a passion for helping others achieve their small business goals, especially in building and growing a practice. My focus on supporting you is to meet business goals that allow for work/life balance and financial security. There are many things to unpack around these goals, which is where you come in. I want to know, what brings you joy? What are you passionate about? What are barriers to meeting your goals? What causes self-doubt? These are all questions that I still explore, despite having been in practice (and full) since 2019. There’s so much value in finding your confidence and voice as a business owner and finding ways to kick Imposter Syndrome in the ass!


I help therapists:

  • Start a practice

  • Expand a practice or services

  • Develop a money mindset that aligns with your values

  • Overcome fears and self-doubt

  • Niche down and specialize

Want to know more about your clinician?

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background and credentials.


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