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Women in Bodysuit

Body Liberation
All Bodies Need Peace

What is body shame?

We’ve all been there when we feel like our clothes don’t fit, we shouldn’t eat the cake, or we didn’t workout enough. What if I told you that these concerns are all rooted in shame that has been learned through culture and family expectations over time? Pretty crummy right?!

I don’t know too many people, if any, who have not experienced some form of body inadequacy. It happens for people of all sizes and walks of life. The trick is, allowing yourself to explore body shame with compassion and an open mind. Whenever I introduce the idea of Health at Every Size (HAES) people assume it’s an “excuse to let myself go” which is inaccurate. It’s actually an intentional focus on self-care and increasing your body intuition.

I help people break free from toxic cultural messages that keep them dissatisfied with their bodies and who they are as humans. This comes from unpacking internalized body oppression and unlearning toxic behaviors around food and body talk. Believe it or not, “fat” is not a dirty word and I challenge you to reclaim it. As a fat person, I am no stranger to how uncomfortable and scary this process is. I did my own body shame work to improve my relationship with my body and stop fearing food. I promise, as counterintuitive as it sounds, the more you lean into unconditional permission around food, movement, and body acceptance, you will see change in how you engage with your body and the world.

  • Try new activities despite your fears in how your body will look/perform

  • Engage with a variety of foods including sugar, carbs, gluten, etc

  • Explore physical movement that feels good and not like a punishment

  • Set boundaries with how you let others interact with your body

  • Talk neutrally about your body, both in how it functions and appears

  • Enjoy holidays without fear of food and body comments

  • Engage in more sex…and enjoy it!

  • Experience increased confidence and a secure sense of self

  • Experience less shame and fear around clothes

  • Engage in more play with your kids

  • Feel less pressure to conform to social norms

What Body Liberation Could Look Like

If gaining independence from systemic issues around body and food aligns with your therapeutic goals, please reach out. If you need more information on HAES you can get it here.

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