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Meet Katie (she/her)

Licensed Mental Health Counselor

Hey there! I’m Katie and welcome to my practice. This entire section is a brief description of my struggles and how/why I became a therapist. If you’re only interested in my credentials and trainings, you may scroll to the bottom now. For those still with me, this information is not intended to be the roadmap we use in your therapy. Everyone’s hardships and life transitions are different so just know that we will create that roadmap from scratch, and it may or may not look similar to mine.

I’ve been a licensed clinician since 2019 with a focus on helping people shift their lives through increased awareness and actionable change. Ever since I can remember, I was the advice-giver in my friendships and the observer at social events so “therapist” seemed an obvious career choice. But before I could embrace this title, I had to deal with my self-doubts. I always thought wearing my heart on my sleeve was weak. That was until I learned about the superpower of being an empath. I realized that I could harness these skills into something beautiful, that could be given back to the world, if only I’d stop letting my shame take over. I, like most folx who seek support, went on a healing journey which began around the time I was a therapist intern. (They really don’t let you get away from reflecting on your life in therapy school.)

By this time, I had experienced the highest form of anxiety ever since my parents, whom I’m incredibly close with, moved 1500 miles away from me for the first time in my life. Talk about triggering all the attachment and inner child issues! I chose to ignore my constant feeling of fear and heart palpitations as I continued pounding the pavement of life. Yet that wasn’t distracting enough as I continued experiencing anxiety through becoming a new wife, grad student, and forcing myself to work a toxic job because no one else could possibly want to hire me. *face palm*

But then I started doing the work. You know the work I’m talking about…the emotional-nitty gritty-I’m going to scream-kind of therapy. I learned how to regulate my anxiety, how to communicate and manage my fears, and ultimately how to function in a world that’s overwhelming. Along this journey I came face-to-face with body shame. Once I became comfortable enough to look that monster in the eye, I learned how to break down the stigmas around weight which ultimately led to body acceptance and a passion for helping others navigate similar issues. This is not to say that “I have my life together” but I do know what it’s like to be a client and see change through therapy.

All this to say, I know how it feels to have things in life go sour and to feel alone while dealing with it. Without support from my therapists and intentional emotional work, this long paragraph would be saying very different things. I hope to pay my personal and professional work forward by supporting you in whatever journey you are on now. We will laugh, cry, swear, and maybe even yell, but you will create a life that aligns with who you are.



Bachelor's in Psychology - Pacific Lutheran University

Master's in Clinical Counseling - Antioch University Seattle


My trainings are focused on body/food issues, attachment, suicide risks, somatic work and ethics.

Work History

Inpatient psychiatric and rehab treatment facility - 3 years

Private practice clinician - since 2019

Therapy Modalities

I pull from a few therapy styles including: Solution-focused, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Feminist Theory, and Emotionally Focus Therapy (EFT)

For those of you who need my credentials for peace of mind, this section is for you!

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