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Meet Katie (she/her)

Licensed Mental Health Counselor

Hey there! I'm Katie and welcome to my practice. I'm so excited that you're taking the first step to put yourself first! As a fellow human, and someone who caretakes others and has a hard time setting boundaries, I understand how challenging it can be to put your needs first. Clients who work with me feel this struggle at their core. They often feel guilt for saying "no" or speaking up for what they need in relationships. They also tend to have consistent anxiety and a general sense of not being good enough. My take on this is that you need to be accepted and loved unconditionally, to have your feelings and needs validated, and to have freedom from familial and cultural expectations of you. Sound about right? Great, let's keep talking...

If you resonate with any of this - you're in the right place! I work from a feminist and emotionally-focused lens with intentional cultural sensitivity. That's a fancy way of saying I help you break free from shame that was gifted by family and society. If you're thinking "gee thanks, hope I can return it," I'm here to help you do just that - return the unhelpful shame that has kept you stuck. Being a human first, therapist second, I'm all too familiar with shame. I have second-guessed almost every relationship choice in my life, I have felt trapped in my body and hated it thanks to social norms, and I've definitely felt the existential dread of anxiety. But through my own healing journey I can say it is possible to have impactful change through therapy. There are lots of ways we believe we fall flat as a humans, but don't let others' narrative about you or who you "should be" prevent you from being happy.


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That's where therapy with me comes in! We take a good look at past and present issues to determine what is no longer serving your life in a purposeful way. Don't want to keep hating your body? Ditch diet culture. Don't want to feel inadequate in your relationships? Ditch toxic people. Want to find activities that bring you joy? Embrace new opportunities. Need your loved ones to start hearing and seeing you? Voice your needs. These are just some examples of how I can support you in healing and building a toolbox for your wellness. No matter the issue you wish to overcome, I find that most of them are rooted in needing to feel good enough and needing to be accepted. Let's find out how to get you both!

"Katie is a wonderful provider that leads with compassion, experience, and has a wonderful lens in body liberation work."

-Alex M

"Katie is thoughtful, direct, and consistent. I’ve always felt that I’m in a safe space with Katie, and feel welcomed and at ease engaging in all types of conversation together. Katie is passionate and incredible to work with, especially around body liberation and reframing mental perspectives."

-Alex A

"Katie is compassionate, open minded, and professional and I have seen significant growth and healing from clients I have referred to her group. I highly recommend Katie both as a therapist and as a business coach and clinical supervisor."


What others are saying...



Bachelor's in Psychology - Pacific Lutheran University

Master's in Clinical Counseling - Antioch University Seattle


My trainings are focused on body/food issues, attachment, suicide risks, somatic work and ethics.

Work History

Inpatient psychiatric and rehab treatment facility - 3 years

Private practice clinician - since 2019

Therapy Modalities

I pull from a few therapy styles including: Solution-focused, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Feminist Theory, and Emotionally Focus Therapy (EFT)

Credentials and Trainings

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