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Individual Therapy

I work with individual adults like yourself who struggle with self-acceptance and voicing their needs. Ways in which this may show up in your life:

  • Feeling guilty for saying “no”

  • Questioning your worth in relationships

  • Offering toxic people a home in your life

  • Feeling like you’re “too sensitive”

  • Hating your body

  • Hating your identity

  • Questioning your beliefs

  • Difficulty creating and maintaining boundaries (or not knowing what a boundary is)

  • Consistent anxiety/existential dread

  • Difficulty engaging in activities you enjoy and maybe not knowing what those are

If any of this feels familiar we would make a great pair! Our therapy relationship would be built off trust and honesty, knowing that your therapist has experience with all the above as well. Our therapy work would focus on what aspects above are not helpful to you and how to break free from them. This typically involves growing an understanding of how such issues came to be and how to not give them power any longer. We will focus on replacing old narratives with ones that are authentic to yourself.

What will it cost?

$160 per 50min session

I offer limited sliding scale fees


I don't take insurance but will provide documentation for you to submit for reimbursement with your carrier.

My practice is inclusive for all disenfranchised communities. Hate has no place here so please move on if you don’t align with this.

Group Therapy

What will it cost?

Group sessions vary in cost based on material and length. Typically they run from $40-80/session

Insurance does not typically cover group therapy

Group therapy can be an integral part of your healing process. In fact, sometimes it benefits in ways individual therapy cannot. The act of being vulnerable with others and building a sense of community enriches the therapy experience. 

Group offerings are random throughout the year and are both in person and online depending on need. Please see below for upcoming offerings.

*There are no scheduled groups at this time. Sorry for the let down. Check back soon! Katie is always cooking up new community resources.*

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