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Individual Therapy

I work with individual adults who want to grow in their self-awareness and utilize tools outside of session to create change.  My practice is inclusive for all minority and oppressed communities. Hate has no place here so please search for a different clinician if this does not align with your values. My specialties are in the realms of attachment issues, anxiety, and body shame. Inevitably things like trauma, grief & loss, depression, and suicidal thoughts are weaved within my specialties, so if you’re not quite sure if we would be a good fit, please reach out for a free phone consultation and we can explore further. It never hurts to ask questions and connect.

I do not work with folx needing support with active eating disorders (those who have graduated ED treatment are considered on a case-by-case basis), behavioral assessments, medication management, substance use treatment, or a higher level of care like inpatient or residential support. I can provide referrals for these needs.

What will it cost?

$150 per 50min session

*I offer limited sliding scale options for financial assistance


I am not in network with insurance but can provide a super bill for reimbursement should your insurance provider allow.

Holding Hands

Attachment is a core piece of my work as a clinician because without connection to others and ourselves, we cannot feel supported to make the changes we seek. I use inner child techniques to break down negative attachment behaviors and rebuild helpful ones.

Friends at the Beach

The way we connect to our bodies informs how we move and live in the world. When issues like body and food shame arise, we lose connection to the very thing that houses our soul and fuels our lives. That's why I'm passionate in body liberation and helping people unlearn toxic diet culture.

Stressed Woman

As someone who has suffered from anxiety, I understand how crippling it can be at times. I use mindfulness and shame-reduction to assist in regulating the nervous system. I also teach tools on how to diminish reactivity to triggering situations.

My Specialties

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